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Your money does not exist in silos. Every financial decision you make should be made in concert with your entire financial landscape.

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Financial Planning

It can be overwhelming to think about the many parts of a comprehensive financial plan.

When working with a client we take each part one at a time, calmly making our way through its specific components. It is our conviction to focus on both the strategy and plan design as well as its complete implementation. Too many financial plans look great on paper, but are never fully implemented. For this reason, we approach planning as an iterative, living process — not an annual, static event.


As our tagline states, we are unapologetically active in our approach to investment management. Every client’s portfolio is crafted for them and their specific circumstances.
For allocations to the stock and bond markets, we utilize professional money managers with whom we have cultivated relationships over many years.


Financial coaching is focused on the emotional, relational, and behavioral experience of your money.

Beyond asset allocations and safe withdrawal strategies, how we feel about our money drives many aspects of our life enjoyment. If desired, we will incorporate financial coaching sessions into your overall relationship with Somerset, where we will focus on helping you create a framework for understanding, planning for, and enjoying your personal finances.