Insurance, tax and other planning that expands as your legal career flourishes

As an attorney, you will likely appreciate our candor and truth telling. With many attorneys as clients, we have studied the legal industry at length and have found some specific strategies that are optimal for an attorney to pursue.

  • You tend to accumulate wealth in one of two ways based on your career trajectories and type of firm. It is important to understand each of them.

  • Unsurprisingly, taxes tend to be the main pain point attorneys experience. While we do not “let the tax tail wag the dog,” we are highly tax-aware in our planning for attorneys.

  • There are several important moments in your career arch that require careful consideration around insurance planning, tax planning, estate planning, and cash flow management. Diving into these details is a passion of ours.

  • Attorneys often accumulate a significant amount of their wealth in pre-tax retirement accounts. As you look toward retirement, there are a number of specific retirement planning strategies worth considering to optimize your planning so you can enjoy this stage with purpose and a plan.

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